The End Of Textbooks?

How do you get your information?

Thousands of school pupils and university students are curled up this Christmas with warm drinks, cosy blankets and a well-thumbed copy of the latest textbook prepping for impending January exams.

But this may become a vision of the past as the development of electronic alternatives takes over the good old-fashioned printed book of knowledge.

The incoming president of the Girls’ Schools Association, Louise Robinson, has spoken out in favour of smartphones, e-readers and tablets as more inspiring and magical than textbooks.

She also suggested that these technologies, which can be accessed anywhere anytime give the pupils more control over their learning than if reliant on classroom-based textbooks.

What do you think?

Do e-readers make learning more enjoyable?  Given the widespread nature of the internet, would simply accessing it on a mobile device really change the way pupils prepared (don’t prepare) for lessons?  Do e-readers give more control?  Is this a vision State schools can afford to get behind?


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